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Truckload (TL) freight is used for large shipments (usually over 10,000 – 15,000 pounds) or generally the amount necessary to fill an entire semi-trailer or intermodal container. One major advantage of the Full Truckload (FTL) freight have over Less than Truckload (LTL) freight is that it travels directly to its destination, whereas an LTL shipment will typically be transported on several different trailers.


Less than truckload (LTL) freight is the transportation of relatively small freight, occupying a small space of the trailer or weighing less than 15,000 pounds. This freight cost usually is less than a Truckload (TL), but requires more time to be fulfilled, as well a facility where two or more LTL shipments are aggregated. Here at MC Carrier LLC we have our own Distribution Center located in the heart of Las Vegas to make the LTL hauling convenient for both parties, our customers and us.


Specific loads are being considered as Hazardous Loads by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) due to the potential risk and harm to the public and the environment. In order to transport Hazmat loads the carrier must maintain a certain level of safety in his operations and certify it has programs in place as required by the Hazardous Materials Regulations and the HM Permit regulations. More than 60% of MC Carrier drivers are government certified to haul Hazmat freight and have been trained in accordance with Federal Regulations. We are constantly improving our safety rules and for the licensed drivers we are performing additional trainings with trusted suppliers, as J.J. Keller, who is the trusted source for DOT / Transportation, OSHA / Workplace Safety, and Hazmat / Hazardous Materials regulation compliance products and services. J. J. Keller helps increase safety awareness, reduce risk, follow best practices, improve safety training, and stay current with changing regulations.


For the customers being in a hurry to deliver a load, we practice the team expedited services, since the active DOT regulations require a single driver to follow strict rules of on/off duty. By having a team on a truck the load can be delivered twice as fast if it would be one driver.

Another major advantage especially for the High Value Products, is that we team drive around the clock, and you can always count on one driver to be vigilant with the truck and load.


MC Carrier caters to retailers and producers looking for high-quality temperature controlled delivery services. Here we understand the seasonal nature as well the urgency of the temperature controlled transportation, and offer the flexibility to increase or decrease the capacity based on peak seasons or individual retailers, by adding teams to the refrigerated trailers.


If you have any projects that need a specific dedicated fleet feel free to give us a call, when partnering with MC Carrier LLC versus brokers, you will have constant partner to help you out where you need the most, by reducing the costs, you will be able to free up the capital, eliminate the additional liabilities focusing on core operations of your business. With MC Carrier LLC you have a strong partner you can rely on.

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